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Tanning Process

Preparatory Stage

The prepatory stage of making the wet blue and crust is the most crucial stage for us. We carefully monitor every step involved at creating the crust as it forms the pedestal to further treatments that follows.


Every step of creating that perfect crust is done in our

in-house tanning facilities and monitored by technicians using only the highest quality of ingredientst to give the leather skins a more natural touch.  

We strive to shift all our crusts to Chrome free or Eco-Friendly leathers. We keep upto date with the latest tanning technologies and methods.

Liming Process
Spray Colouring
Colouring Process

Dyeing and Head Spray

We strongly believe that dyeing and colouring leather is a form of art. Variations in conditions, materials, and an artist’s touch have a direct effect on the outcome and so we strive to perfect them by creating the best suited environment for the leather.


To acheive the best finishes, all our colours are carefully curated to meet high quality standards for our customers. In order to realise our finishes, we make use of various techniques of drum dyeing, head spray finishing and hand painting.

Our strength lies in our constant tenacity to offer a wide range of colour choices to our clients. This enables them to better visualise the outcome of the collection for the season.

Final Layering

External Coat Treatment

The final treatment stage helps improving the brightness, touch and smoothness of the leather. We are always equipped with the latest machinery required to provide us with the effect on the leather to cater to the need of the client.

This stage involves processes like waxing, ironing, platting and polishing. We perform the necessary depending on the effect required by use of machines or by hand. We follow strict guidelines when treating leathers in this stage to achieve the desirable effect as per the need.

Our years of experience in this process has enabled us to better understand the nature of different leather and so we can largely control the outcome of the texture.

Platting/Ironing Process

We believe

Tanning is like cooking, you need the right ingredients, a good recipe but most importantly an experienced Chef

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