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Our Expertise

Our greatest strength and passion in this competitive industry is our leather. Our in house tannery ensures customerization. We are not only able to cater to the existing needs of our clients but also to their latent desires. Since, our humble beginning in 1995 we have been able to develop a plethora of over a thousand leathers each bearing unique features and colours.

Our raw material comprises of the finest hides in India, which is processed from exclusively designed tanning process, ensuring virgin leather. Our tanning process is machine driven, with the state-of-the-art technology from Europe. For the past 23 years we have efficaciously adhered to European and Environmental standards. We can boast of having some of the most exclusive and finest leathers in our collection along with diversity in range of leathers and colours.


Our Research and Development team constantly focuses on creating leather keeping in mind latest trends in fashion and customer preference. Our constant effort allows us to develop several leathers not only on a quarterly basis but even a monthly or a weekly basis. We ensure that our clients get exclusivity in terms of leather and design.

Certain developments of the past have outlived the time factors and have been our best sellers for ages. The texture and quality of our leather makes it so uniquely versatile that it can easily be molded into creation of any desirable product.


A collection of top grain handmade leathers
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