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Production Facilities

Hand-crafter products

We have tried to combine the traditional approach of handcrafting a product with use of latest technologies and techniques to enable us to produce in large quantities. ​​​This goal is achieved by our large of family of 300 plus employees who work as a team to achieve monthly targets of producing over 50000 pieces small leather goods and 15000 pieces of bags per month.

Each product goes through strict quality control in addition to our quality control checks at every stage of production. This helps us in controlling the quality and also having a uniformity accross the range of production. We constantly invest in researching and developing new and efficient methods to be able to provide high standards of products.

Cutting proces
Healthy Environment

Safety and Regulation

At Elrich, we emphasis on the use of strict safety norms in work place, production facilities and in use of equipments. We try to regulate and constantly implement standard that ensure a secure and risk free techniques to achieve a sound environment. 

We try to accomodate our team over an an area of 10000 square metres of production space to ensure a flourishing environment where individuals can develop and implement new ideas in the work place.

Skilled Workforce

A motivated family

Our workforce is carefully trained to deliver products of the highest quality. Every employee specialises in a specific task of production until he becomes a master artisan. 

Our family based approach conjucated with a loyal and permanent workforce promotes the transfer of accrued knowledge between generations. This permits us to guarantee the finest products over time.

We strongly believe that our workforce is our biggest asset and therefore our HR team works closely with all our personnels and ensure that individual concerns and ideas are heard and addressed to leading to a happy and gleeful team. 

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